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we are one of theSection 88 of the Inland Revenue OrdinanceCharitable organizations exempt from tax. We believe technology can be a powerful tool for social good, and we hope to use it to create positive change in the world. Whether providing access to education, healthcare or employment opportunities, we use innovative solutions to empower people and improve their lives.

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Virtual reality (VR) technology can have a positive impact on the lives of olderly.

VR technology can help seniors practice balance and coordination, improving their physical fitness and fitness. Secondly, VR technology can provide entertainment and cultural activities, such as virtual travel, virtual museums, etc., so that the elderly can experience more cultural and tourist fun. In addition, VR technology can also help the elderly to practice cognitive ability and memory. For example, through virtual reality games and training, it can help the elderly maintain the vitality and flexibility of their brains. In general, VR technology can provide a new way of life for the elderly, increasing their social and recreational activities, while also helping to maintain physical and mental health and promote emotional communication.

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Our vision is to create a more equal and warm society through our efforts and community support.

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Our Vision

Through our efforts and community's support

Create a more equal and warm society. We believe that everyone has the ability to contribute, and we hope to inspire more people to participate in philanthropy through this platform. We are committed to providing explanations for vulnerable groups so that they can feel the warmth and care of society.